26 Oct

My next LV2 Plugin

My next plugin will be a delay again. I’ve gained some knowledge about sample interpolation since developing bolliedelay.lv2, which influenced the development of the XT version greatly. It’s gonna feature modulation and filtering in the feedback path.

I’ll post an update after I finished testing.

01 Nov

Here it is: The MOD Duo

I was lucky to ge my own MOD Duo from MOD Devices last week and since I can’t simply use it, I started diving into LV2-Programming, DSP, and HTML/CSS in order to create my first own Tap-Delay, called: The bolliedelay


It sounds pretty nice and I guess, it’s gonna be useful at our next jam session.

Of course, still a big list of features to be added. 😉

Oh, and here’s my (first real) project on github: https://github.com/MrBollie/bolliedelay.lv2

The MOD Duo: