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Nevermind the rainy weekend: Building a Tube Town PoS 100

No obligations, this weekend… And it’s raining. So I decided to assemble one of Tube Town’s great DIY Kits. This time it’s a Power Soak for my guitar amp. Here are some pictures. I’ll do some thorough testing later and post some results.

Here are some example files. I didn’t use a looper, as I wanted to test not only how it affects the tone, but also how it affects my playing. Well, it does. But hear foryourself:

First my amp with the Master Volume set to “Bedroom Level” without the PoS in the Chain:

MV_BedroomLevel (FLAC, 24 bit)

This is with the MV set to 1 o’clock (the level I use on the Klanghoehle Jam-Sessions) and the PoS reducing it to “Bedroom Level”:

MV_JamsessionLevel_PoS (FLAC, 24 bit)

And now with Master fully cranked and PoS reducing it to “Bedroom Level”:

MV_Full_PoS (FLAC, 24 bit)

Tell me your opinion in the comment section. 🙂